Month Four!

Hello dear, patient readers!
So much going on in the past month. We have finally finished exams (woohoo!), I ended up going home for Christmas (Merry Christmas to me!) AND as soon as I landed in the airport, I had two great friends/colleges waiting for me at the airport*.  They will be here until the 20th and I am just so incredibly thrilled to have them.

All that aside,the past few weeks have been a great time of filling my heart with friends and family. I’m really glad to have the challenging, esoteric and detail oriented classes behind me, which were: Judicial Theory, Concepts and Fundamentals, History (ok, actually I love history-that was my saving point), and Systems of Protection and Guarantees (Spanish, European, Universal [i.e. the UN], InterAmerican and African). This next semester, we will be concreting more on specific topics, like Human Rights and… Children, Data Protection and Privacy, Immigration, Health, etc.

These topics will help us to continue researching for our Thesis. This semester we will also begin our internships and our clinical trials. I am super excited about those as well!

I will eventually get around to getting Michael and Alison and I’s trip around southern Spain and Rome (our flight to Rome leaves soon!) put up. Mainly because they both travel with nice cameras and therefor took much nicer pictures than I. So I will have to be patient with those! In the meantime, here are a few snaps below of southern Spain (including Granada, where I was tempted more than once to stay forever).


As the sun goes down, the Alambra is lit up
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.51.23 AM
Alison and I right after I told her we should stay in Granada forever
Amazed at the old Arab fountains from the 1400s that still work (p.s. take all the walking tours you are offered- we did a “free” one where you tip the guide at the end VERY WORTH IT AS YOU CAN SEE BY MY EXPRESSION)
More inside the Alambra
The steps of my new home (the Generalife)
Charming Cordoba at night
Michael and I, considering staying in the Palace Gardens of Cordoba
Statue of when Columbus came to petition his trip


Here is a neat BBC documentary about the Alambra and the general Arab contributions to Spanish Culture. Al Andalus might be my favorite part of Spain.

*If you ever find yourself meeting up at the Madrid airport, pick a better meeting point than just “Terminal 1” waiting area. The airport is strangely spread out-especially if y’all end up in different terminals.


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