Month Seven!

Hello friends! Are you as surprised as I am how time flies? Or that I am late to post this? Neither? Both? (ok if you are surprised at my lateness, clearly we don’t know each other that well yet).

Since I last updated, I have started my internship with psychologists without borders which has been very fun. They are thinking of letting me help out with the organization of a new project they are collaborating with various non profits in the area to make a migrant and refugee shelter.  I am truly honored to be entrusted with such a task. Maybe I will make a separate post about that once there is more to report on.

I think I will also make a post where I can list some of the more interesting articles, books and documentaries we have discussed in class. Of course I won’t overwhelm y’all with everything we see and discuss because it would just discourage you from reading. But if I find some of these resources in English, I will share.

In the past month, I have also had two visits! During holy week (i.e. my spring break), Chris and Anna came aaaaallllll the way from California and Denisse and Mr. Cárdenas(her dad) just left yesterday.

The next 30 days are going to be CRAZY. I have a lot of big projects due in the beginning of May, which of course means April has to be the nose to the grind month. So if there was ever any hope of me doing updates about trips I have taken, it won’t be in the next month.

I also had the honor of visiting my sponsoring Rotary club to introduce myself. They were so kind and fun! Im glad I had the opportunity to go.

Also, its still strawberry season here so I have been experimenting with all things strawberry; including stove top strawberry jam. If it turns out good, I will try to remember to come back and post the recipe.

Below are some picture updates from my low quality camera on my phone. Woohoo
^^^an amazing cuban place some friends and I have found!IMG_20160323_135935_1
officially tulip season here 😀 ❤ IMG_20160324_141903
inside of basilica in Salamanca that Anna and Chris and I randomly popped in IMG_20160325_152607
incredible secret garden like place we saw in Cordoba. Will be decorating my home like this IMG_20160326_155539
enjoying the churros and chocolate with Anna and Chris IMG_20160331_142227
my way of marking in library books-is it weird Ive been enjoying the research for my term paper on memory and transition?  or a sign Im in the right program? 😀
my little tulip trying to bloom outside my bedroom



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