Month Eight!

Spring is trying to do its thing in Spain, but it is taking a long time. I had heard a saying when I first got here that Madrid is “9 meses de invierno, 3 meses de infierno” (9 months of winter, 3 months of inferno). I didn’t really believe it, because it was pleasant (I got here in September you will recall) with nice warm days and slightly cooler nights. Well Im here in May with the current temperature (mind you it is 12:15 in the morning) is 59F.

It has been a great month! My parents came to visit at the beginning of May and in addition to roaming around Madrid, we went to Alicante, Valencia and Zaragoza. Then right after that, I jetted to the USA right behind them for Irving and I’s green card interview, which went well! Now he is here in Madrid with me for a few months (for graduation and some trip taking after). I know everyone warned me that the time would go by so fast but I truly find it hard to believe.

Next month the Rotaract club I am in is having a fundraiser which I plan on attending (June 11th) and it will be my second to last month here in Spain. I really wish I was staying forever but I also know how much more ready for the work place thanks to everything I’m learning and thanks to the friendships I have made. Knowing I have friends from different parts of the world who are inteligente, compassionate and thoughtful human-rights advocates makes a huge difference. Having them around is like a breath of fresh air. My new found friends/colleagues make me see things from a new perspective, or take a topic I only new on a surface level to a more thoughtful place. Of course sometimes they just make me laugh, which is just as helpful.

This past month I also took a side trip with my friends to Marrakech, Morocco! In addition to recommending the city, I ABSOLUTELY recommend taking some mini trips outside the city to see the incredible nature. I am one of the ignorant fools who didn’t think there were many trees, waterfalls or flowing rivers with cool breezes in that beautiful country. I readily admit how wrong I was!

As usual, pictures speak louder than words, below are some snap shots.
setti fatma
Above I am in Setti Fatma.  If we are Facebook, you may recognize this as my most popular Facebook picture. haha
friends receiving Irving and I in my apartment! Irving and I look a bit sleep deprived.


some delicious Moroccan food

Irving and I with the sign that says “[W]elcome Irving!!” (the “B” in “bienvenido” got cut off)
My mom under a huge tree in front of the Royal Botanical Gardens

Beautiful falls and restaurants in Morocco
Feature foto explained. Panel 1-“Interpretation: Madrid in the winter is very cold, but in summer (three months) it is almost unbearable due to the high and suffocating temperatures. Panel 2- “Madrid, nine months of winter, three months of inferno” Origen: In the winter, the air in Madrid that comes from the Guadarrama mountain range is cold and dry. These are two of the many refrains that describe the extreme climate in the capital. The winter is characterized by its low temperatures and in the summer for its high temperatures. Both phrases become popular around the 18th century. atlas mountains

^^^ the atlas mountains in Morocco
The most charming apartment with a private patio and a little private room with twin beds (in addition to the room with a bathroom, shower, bedroom and kitchen). Mom and I are it’s biggest fans. We tried to accost people walking down the street. One of the best naps of my life in that patio sofa. —> IMG_20160506_122656

Charming shot of Alicante’s old town. IMG_20160507_191403

Mom and Dad in Valencia! Poor things came for a bit of continuing cold (but sadly sparse sun) in Spain.IMG_20160508_114126
Dad and I front of Cuidad de Artes y Ciencias in Valencia (City of Arts and Sciences)
Mom in the beautiful old moorish castle of Zaragoza. IMG_20160512_173412
Same beautiful castle of Zaragoza.

Until next time, dear family, friends and mildly interested followers!

p.s. Have I mentioned how important it is to learn about the Amish yet? I still stand by my #6 statement


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