Month Nine!

As referenced in last month’s post  about the sudden change from winter to summer, I can confidently say that summer is here! With waves between the 80s and 90s, I’m pretty sure my winter clothes can go into my suitcase.

Since we last caught up, this has been a much more serious month of study, projects, presentations, and internship. I suppose this is normal for the last semester of school but wow I have been a sleep deprived critter. My last month here will just be spent working on my thesis and going to my internship, so hopefully I can have more time to work on this blog (hehe I can just hear the 4-5 of you that read this saying, “promises promises!”) to add to my list of favorite things, explain the visa process (as best I can) and upload pictures and stories from my side trips.

Just this past weekend, Rotaract Madrid Serrano (i.e. my club) had a very successful end of the year fundraiser. Once I have more details on how much we raised, I will come back and update. It was a really nice time to visit with members of the Rotaract Club as well as the Rotarians who came to support. We had a huge paella as the main food item! Other than just cheese in general, paella is for sure my favorite food in Spain.  One of the fundraising activities we had was a raffle; since I didn’t have anything physical (i.e. connections at a hotel or restaurant, signed t shirts, etc) I offered 10 hours of free english tutoring  and/or conversation which was won by a member of the Rotaract Madrid Serrano group. We will see how this goes! hehe.

Also this week, in addition to turning in end of term papers, we presented our amicus curiae that will be sent for consideration to the Inter American Court of Human Rights. Our case is Homer Flor Freire v Ecuador. According to the press release  “This case will enable the Inter-American Court, for the first time, to rule on punishment or sanctions exercised by States based on a person’s actual or perceived sexual orientation.” which is sadly excessively relevant to the general continuing aggression against our LGBQT friends.  It was a group project for the Clinical Judicial Trails which has been really an honor for me to work on. For someone who never went to law school, the opportunity to work on a legal document, under the guidance of someone as renowned and respected as Dr. Felipe Gonzalez Morales, had been exquisite. If and when it gets accepted to the Inter American courts, I will update that information in the blog with a link (I suppose it would be translated into English at some point, but not necessarily).

Below, per usual, are some pictures from the past month. Enjoy!

paella at different stages^^^

Paella in the best form (on my plate ready to eat)
The roses are in bloom and they are SO BEAUTIFUL
Lovely sunset from the other night (p.s it gets dark here around 9:45pm. Its wonderful and disorienting)
At my internship with the volunteers who do jail visits.
Irving in Toledo
Walking towards old Toledo
Presenting our Amicus. Sadly, we had to Skype in Itziar who was in Mexico (I think it was about 3am her time, so more power to her!) 

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.32.30 PM
Rotaract Madrid Serrano ^^^ My head is a bit covered but thats fine


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